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Advanced Treatments in a Snap

Exfoliate Pad Kit

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Kit Overview

Adapt2U™ Peel pad
A flexible all over body exfoliator to rejuvenate every inch of your skin from top to toe.

Full Body Exfoliating pad
Gently buff away dead skin cells for a fresh and silky-smooth skin.

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Out of Stock
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Real Time Feedback

In another Sensica breakthrough, you can now get real-time feedback about your treatment. Yes, real-time! That means you get feedback as you do the treatment, even when you’re doing it on your own at home, you’re not alone. We’re right there with you, guiding your hand, making sure you’re doing it right and ensuring you get the very best results.

Our world-first app will leave you in no doubt as to whether a treatment is working, right in the moment, without having to wait. You’ll find out how to perfect your technique, how long to carry on and even what settings to use, so you can optimize results with every movement during every treatment. 

Still not feeling 100% confident? That’s absolutely fine!
Just contact one of our aestheticians for personal advice and guidance.

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