Top Beauty Trends for Fall-Winter 2018

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This fall, it’s time to make a bright and bold statement! Lips are a more natural shape (thank heavens), but for makeup, especially eyes, it’s time to pump up the volume. Think bright, think bold!                                     

The Perfect Pout

Is the trout pout craze about to fade? Trendsetter Kylie Jenner recently announced that she’d got rid of all her fillers, and her lips seem to be back down to a more natural size. If you have had fillers in the past, the best way to achieve this season’s less-full look is to let your body naturally absorb the hyaluronic acid (it takes 6-12 months).

Meghan Markle’s natural look has also had a huge impact. Experts say that in 2019 we’ll see more natural lips that align with other facial features. What is trending, however, is lower facial filler contouring – facial slimming, chin treatment, and jawline definition.

Leech Therapy

Still on the topic of facial beauty trends, here’s an odd one: former Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, has revealed that she has leech therapy facials. This involves having leeches placed on your face, letting them suck out some of your blood and then smearing it all over your face – frankly, it sounds awful, but practitioners claim that it helps achieve brighter, tighter skin!

The Color Palette

What about the latest makeup and hair trends? Technicolor eyes are in, especially brave blue eyeshadow. Don’t blend it in – wear it bold and edgy. Blue mascara is also a big must and some designers at the Autumn/Winter 2018 catwalk shows decorated models’ lids with Swarovski crystals. If such a daring look is too much for you, tone it down by using just a line of bright eyeliner on top of your standard black line. Shows also came alive with models sporting stand-out hair color, especially bright, bold red. Looks like the softer unicorn shades are fading…           

OTT Lashes

Over the top lashes are the way to go this season. Let them flutter in an ultra-feminine way, or if you’re going to wear mascara, wear a lot of it. False eyelashes of every type are also taking the beauty world by storm – even 3D embellishments from gems to pompoms! in short, the longer and fuller, the better!

Mani Madness

Manicures are more experimental than ever before. The runway trend for fall 2018 was gold or silver metallic nails (the new nude). Following the glitter trend in makeup, it is also seen traced across square shaped nail tips, like a French manicure. While black is definitely still in, the trend is to pair unexpected and interesting colors together. And, as with lashes, nails are also sporting gems.

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