Mother’s Day 2018 – This Year, Get Her What She Really Wants

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Mother’s Day is literally around the corner. But, before you go running out to the store to buy her a nice card and your idea of the perfect gift, maybe ask her what she really wants — although we have an idea what that may be!

What NOT to get her

So, for years you’ve been buying mom the traditional, safe Hallmark card ‘personalizing’ it with loads of hearts and kisses. You probably even remember to buy a lovely bunch of flowers or box of chocolates to accompany said card. But now, you’ve finally decided that maybe she’d like — or deserves — something a little different. Something special. You’ve driven yourself mad with online research and you’ve drawn up a short-list. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to think again!

Moms devote most of their lives to their kids, families and well, everyone besides themselves. When they’re alone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they only want to read – so, no books (even best sellers!), magazine subscriptions or library memberships, thank you!

You can also shelve the idea of trying to get her interested in a new hobby by buying her a tea-leaf reading kit, a guide to playing bridge, or a DIY yoga book. It’s just that at a certain age, moms tend to know what they enjoy doing, and telling the future, playing card games or doing headstands may not be on their bucket list.

We suggest you give a big, resounding “no” to anything to do with the house or kitchen as well. Yes, there’s nothing like your mom’s home-cooked meals, and your admiration for the endless hours she spends cleaning may well be genuine, but that doesn’t mean she’ll appreciate another recipe book, more bakeware, a pot plant (which frankly just gives her another thing to look after!), or an ornament (which is just more dusting).

If you’re considering toiletries, you can reconsider! Meaning no offence, but you can be sure she has a well-hidden stockpile of toners, cleansers, face masks, moisturizers, scented soaps and candles that she’s been given by loved ones over the years. The same goes for jewelry, scarves, and pajamas (even if they are monogrammed). Again, at a certain age, women use specific products that they know work for them and that’s it. Oh, and sleep eye masks are not even a gift — you get them on the plane for heaven’s sake!

Forget gismos too — no matter what the seller tells you about the latest electric toothbrush, coffee maker or uber-cool alarm clock (as if she ever sleeps in), it’s just all unlikely to put a smile on her face (other than one that says I love you and thank you for the kind thought).

So, what will she love?

What’s left? Use your imagination. You mom is probably dying for some alone time. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you or want to spend the one day in the year that celebrates her with the family. If she’s been hinting about a certain destination she’d love to visit, or there’s a getaway she’s been posting on her Pinterest board, why not send her for a break? If she doesn’t want to go alone, ask her friends if they’d like to go too. Even a weekend at a nearby spa will do wonders for her soul and give her the break she so deserves.

 IMG 0203 200x300 - Mother’s Day 2018 - This Year, Get Her What She Really WantsSensiLift Mother’s Day special

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You’re welcome!!

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