It’s Never Too Early to Begin Protecting Collagen in Your Skin

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You should be thinking about a new skin regime as soon as you reach your thirties, because collagen production starts to slow down, and the skin becomes more sensitive. In addition, new hormones start to emerge. So, start investing in a skincare routine as early as possible, especially when it comes to protecting the collagen within your skin.

What is Collagen?

Even though you are can’t see it, collagen is the foundation of healthy skin. This protein appears like a branch of columns that stand closely together, holding up the top-layer of your skin giving it strength and elasticity, making your complexion appear more youthful, plump and firm and performing the vital role of replacing the dead skin cells.


Reasons to Start Protecting your Collagen Early

When we are younger and healthy, the collagen columns are straight and strong, giving the skin a supple and smooth appearance. When you are younger, if you had to pinch the area of your cheeks they would feel malleable and full. In addition, at this life stage the skin constantly repairs itself and produces new collagen. Once the aging process commences, the skin becomes more susceptible to permanent damage making it important to protect the collagen in your skin when you are younger, to prevent premature aging. Essentially, the earlier that you are able to start protecting the collagen in your skin, the more you can protect your skin when you start to age.


What Damages Your Collagen?

As we start to age, environmental factors increasingly impact our skin’s health. Some of these factors include stress, smoking, pollution and UV rays, which are all responsible for producing free-radicals inside the skin. These free radicals are what breaks down the collagen fibers, causing the skin to thin out. As time goes by, skin cells that used to produce collagen will slow down production. You’ll start to see wrinkles and sagging. You can care for the collagen in your skin by making a few changes to your lifestyle. This includes avoiding drinking alcohol in excess, stopping smoking, adopting a more active lifestyle, getting enough sleep, practicing ways to destress and incorporating a diet that is collagen-rich.


The Steps to Take

To slow down the process of aging, there are a few precautions and steps you can take. To deal with the free radicals that are caused by pollution, use products which contain antioxidants. Also use effective sun protection daily to prevent sun damage. Follow a balanced diet which contains a lot more greens, along with less caffeine and sugars. Sugar is known to escalate the effects of ageing and activates inflammation binding to your collagen which causes the skin to become rough. Use topical retinol creams that have high levels of vitamin A that assist with collagen production and optimize skin renewal.

wrinkles reductionIf your skin is already sagging and wrinkles have started to show, now is definitely the time to start conducting your very own facelifts at home. You can avoid repeat visits to clinics or professionals for surgery and cosmetic procedures, pain and long recovery times. The way to do this is with Sensica’s FDA-cleared Sensilift which can be used on your face and your body.

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