Introducing Eyebrow Microblading: The Hottest Trend

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The days when near non-existent, tweezed-to-death eyebrows were hot are long gone. Today, celebs and models are sporting thicker, flawlessly shaped eyebrows, thanks to the technique of microblading!

You may be scared of needles and perhaps you’d never think of getting a tattoo – especially not on your face – but the results of eyebrow microblading are pretty fabulous.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as feathering, microstroking, or eyebrow embroidery, is a revolutionary, semi-permanent procedure that originated in Asia. Resembling permanent makeup, it fully or partially conceals or disguises missing eyebrow hairs with imitation hair made of pigment deposits, almost like a tattoo. The result is fuller, natural-looking brows in no time.

The Technique

Microblading should only be carried out by a trained and certified professional (check their work first).  The technique differs from processes that were popular in the past, which involved permanent make-up machines. Here, a hand-held, pen-like device is used, with minute needles that softly pierce the skin with small, natural-looking lines of tattoo pigment. Because the device is hand held, the technician has far more control than they would with a machine, and can actually draw in the lines individually to fill in eyebrow hair.

Before beginning the procedure, the technician customizes the pigment according to your natural eyebrow color, and draws in the shape that suits your bone structure and hair pattern. Only when you approve this base does work begin – so there should be no nasty surprises at the end! Once the shape is delineated with the surgical pen, a cream and liquid anesthetic is applied to the treatment area to numb your skin. Then begins the work of building your brow, using the tattooing (needling) technique: the technician dips the microblading pen into your chosen pigment and deposits it in the superficial skin layer (dermis) of the brows. Once the tattooing is finished, a saturating technique is used to fix the color in place.

Initially, the color of your new eyebrows will be darker than you might expect, but it will tone down to a lighter shade after around 2 weeks. It is usually recommended to have a touch-up consultation about 2 to 4 weeks after the first process, to fine-tune and set your new color.


The Benefits

As mentioned above, microblading gives the technician precise control, enabling them to achieve the exact eyebrow shape you want, rather than the harsh, sometimes even scary looking eyebrows that could result from similar methods in the past. Coupled with the numbing of the skin, microblading needles are so fine in diameter that there should be no pain if the procedure is carried out by an expert, although you may feel a slightly scratching sensation. What’s more, the procedure is hygienic and safe – the needles are single use only and the eyebrow area is disinfected before the treatment begins. With the improvements in aesthetic tattooing, you should end up with a subtle, natural-looking finish that lasts 2 to 5 years.

So, for hair loss sufferers, anyone who overdid tweezing in the 90s, people who have to tint their eyebrows every other day or work hard with an eyebrow pencil (and hope it doesn’t rain or that they don’t sweat at the gym!), or just anyone who wants perfectly crafted brows, this may be the solution you’ve been searching for!

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