Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Trends

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Wondering what fashion statements are trending this fall/winter? Here’s our round-up of what’s happening on the runways, to give you some inspiration and a glimpse into what you can expect to see hanging in your favorite fashion stores this season.

Animal Prints

Every few years, designers revert to animal prints in some form or another. If you don’t regularly clean out your closet, you might even have a few favorite animal print-inspired garments tucked away from last time! The current take seen in runway collections by Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, and Givenchy features toned-down outfits (including shoes) with some stylish notes of leopard and zebra print.

Keep it Modest

Between flashes of bold print, designers have been experimenting with a covered-up look that oozes femininity, yet still manages to be sexy.  From evening dresses from Erdem worn over prim and proper shirts and stockings, to Balenciaga’s extreme layers, necklines are high and hemlines low. In keeping with the modesty look, some ensembles were also super tailored, especially at Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.

Head Turners

Knitted headgear is big this season in the form of what can only be described as a high-end balaclava. Gucci, Preen, Calvin Klein and Dior are all making it easy to keep warm while being on-trend!

If balaclavas aren’t your thing, try hoods as your streetwear look of choice. These come in jersey material (Versace), anorak-style (Margiela), or even as a ladylike, fairy story-inspired hooded cloak (Valentino).


What would winter be without a bit of tweed? The tweed trend is making a comeback, so don’t be afraid to add some heritage chic to your wardrobe. Nods to the trend came in a variety of styles and textures, such as Marc Jacobs’ oversized tweed coats paired with leather skirts, Louis Vuitton’s tweed skirts, and Miu Miu’s bold, 80s-inspired tweed coats.

In Plaid Sight

You read right, plaid is in. We’re talking tartan or Prince of Wales heritage checks. Calvin Klein’s take is Americana-inspired plaid worn over balloon sleeve shirts. Erdem’s use of Prince of Wales checks in his collection is more polished, while Versace has chosen a totally 90s-inspired Clueless (remember the movie?) look. But – fashion alert – while in line with the tweed trend, they’re not to be worn together!

Fringed Luxury

Forget about the type of 70s retro fringing popular at music festivals. Gucci, Christopher Kane, and Givenchy are turning fringing into a refined aesthetic with shimmer, beads and trailing ties, mostly layered over boots. 



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