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With so many things to do in a typical day, you cannot afford to allocate too much time on applying makeup every morning. To help you out here is a 5-minute makeup routine that you can implement to save time each day. With this routine, you will look just as attractive as you have always had. Try it straight away and marvel at the impressive results.

Before you begin, clean and moisturize your face evenly. If you have worn a primer already, it eliminates or decreases the need for foundation and concealer. You will have saved a couple of minutes right there.

Regardless of your skin type, you can benefit from a skin smoother that comes in form of formulated lotion. This lotion keeps makeup in place, thanks to its silicone ingredient. Apply your primer using fingertips and then spread it evenly. The procedure should be the same as that of applying moisturizer.

The next step is application of concealer or foundation. To save time, apply foundation or concealer only to parts that actually need it. Examples are blemishes and circles under the eyes, red eyelids and around the nose. While both products are interchangeable, concealers are often thicker than foundations.

The waxier your eye pencil is, the better it is at saving your time. If you have dark skin, use a purple colored pencil.  If your complexion is light or medium, use a black eye pencil. Apply a little on the corners of your eyes. Smudge the liner across the lash line while making a couple of neutral, classic shadows. This produces a remarkable smoky shading effortlessly.

Do you want to make your lashes appear longer? Curl them with essentials to attain a more open look. Press your curler on each eyelash for 5 seconds and then apply some mascara. Women whose skin has light and medium complexions look great with very dark mascara. Black women should use a colored one. The inner lashes are good looking with just one light stroke while outer lashes should have more strokes.

Start your day with a healthy blush on your cheeks. It helps you maintain your attractiveness all day. While keeping most of your blush on your higher portions of the cheekbones, apply powder blush and then smile. Blend out the blush by swirling your brush gently as you approach your hairline.

Apply some sheer lipstick or gloss on your lips, as these are quicker to apply than their darker counterparts. Neutral lip pencil is also ideal to gently increase your lip volume. With this quick 5-minute routine, you are ready to start your day in amazing fashion.


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