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Get silky smooth skin you’ll want to show off!


Hair Removal
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Real Beauty

Safe Double safety skin sensors
Advanced RPL™ technology - the most advanced technology for home use
Fast Less than 1 sec pulsing for continuous treatment
Effective High-capacity lamp for long-term results
Clinically proven SPA grade results
Large treatment window 3 cm2 - covers larger areas for faster treatment

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With all the demands that modern life places on us, it can be impossible to find time to squeeze in a beauty appointment. But, when the opportunity arises to chill out on the beach, put on your strappy dress. or show off your legs, you want to feel confident that the skin you reveal is hair free and silky smooth. 

With Sensilight, you can be! Designed for use at your convenience in the comfort of your own home, this clinically-proven device permanently reduces growth of unwanted body and facial hair reduction. No appointments, no hurried shaving and no sticky waxing. Just you and your Sensilight, for 10 minutes twice a week.


Now you can get the same professional results you’d get at the beautician, with the clinically-proven Sensilight. Specifically designed for at-home use, the Reactive Pulse Light (RPL™) technology inside the device gets right to the root of the matter, eliminating hair regrowth to leave you with silky smooth skin. 

It takes just 7 minutes to treat an arm or a leg, with real reduction achieved after just four sessions. We recommend completing the full protocol in order to see results, as naturally they differ between individuals. Once you’ve completed the treatment protocol, you will dare to bare at a moment’s notice!

SENSILIGHT’S RPL™ (REACTIVE IPL) TECHNOLOGY - Professional technology for home use

Smart, safe & smooth
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Target hair at the source and enjoy smooth silky skin

With RPL™ technology the power is literally in your hands. With every pulse Sensilight’s unique sensors react to your unique skin type and tone, delivering expert precision. 

RPL™ technology – Reactive Pulsed Light technology
Sensica takes the widely-known professional IPL technology one step further, using unique sensors that constantly react to your skin’s specific needs with every single flash, ensuring a safe, fast and effective treatment.

Double safety mechanism

Skin tone sensor evaluates the tone and condition of the skin and automatically deactivates the flash if the skin tone is too dark. 

Contact sensor ensures full contact between the device and skin. In case of a break in contact, it will automatically deactivate the flash trigger.

Large treatment window
Covering a larger area enables a faster treatment. Suitable for areas such as back and legs. 

Ergonomic design
Sensilight’s unique shape and design was created to offer the perfect grip

2 Modes

With Sensilight you can choose between stamp (one flash at a time) or gliding mode (continuous flashes)

When it come to hair removal, the only way to get truly long-lasting results is to disable hair regrowth from the source. Based on the kind of IPL technology commonly used in clinics today, Sensilight emits a flash of light with each press of the trigger button, targeting the melanin in the hair shaft. The heat of the absorbed light then dissipates into the follicle, generating a thermal effect which causes a long-term reduction in hair growth. 

At Sensica, we’ve gone a step further than traditional IPL. The ‘reactive’ element of our RPL™ (Reactive Pulsed Light) technology makes the treatment safer and more comfortable. Unique sensors in the Sensilight continuously react to your skin tone and condition, with every single flash of light. If the sensors detect that the skin in the treatment area is too dark, or that contact between the device and the skin has been broken, no flash will be emitted. 

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Real User

“Hated waxing my legs! This is the best decision I’ve made! – Sensilight”
Heather N
“I love going to the beach. Now I’m always beach ready – Sensilight”
Cher k
“I have so much free time now not having to wax and go to the cosmetician! – Sensilight”
Rose C
“It’s so easy to use and easy to hold, it’s so comfortable in your hand – Sensilight”
Marina M

Real Results

reported the treatment to be pain free
found the device easy to use
reported a reduction in regrowth
hair reduction after 8 treatments

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How to use your Sensilight

Shave the treatment area, and make sure the skin is dry, clean and free of topical products, such as moisturisers. Remove jewellery.
Turn on the device and select the energy that is comfortable level for you.
Place the treatment window on the area you want to treat, ensuring that it is in full contact with your skin. Press the trigger button to deliver a single flash. Move on to the next spot and repeat. For continuous flashes, press the trigger button and hold it down as you move the device around the area.


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Because of the way in which RPL™ technology works, Sensilight is not suitable for use on very dark skin tones or very light hair colours. Before beginning treatment, check your skin and hair tones against the Fitzpatrick Scale below:

✓ indicates skin and hair tones that are suitable for treatment with the Sensilight

✗ indicates those that are not

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Real Time Feedback

In another Sensica breakthrough, you can now get real-time feedback about your treatment. Yes, real-time! That means you get feedback as you do the treatment, even when you’re doing it on your own at home, you’re not alone. We’re right there with you, guiding your hand, making sure you’re doing it right and ensuring you get the very best results.

Our world-first app will leave you in no doubt as to whether a treatment is working, right in the moment, without having to wait. You’ll find out how to perfect your technique, how long to carry on and even what settings to use, so you can optimize results with every movement during every treatment. 

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