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Sensilight Pro Premium Kit

Hair Removal
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Product Overview

Your days aren’t always smooth sailing but that doesn’t mean your skin must suffer too. Finding the right time for beauty appointments can be rough, putting a bump in your self-esteem. We want you to walk with confidence, wherever you go and because of that we have designed the Sensilight PRO Kit, packed with the silky-smooth essentials to shape your every-day.

Forget tricky shaving, messy waxing, or painful exfoliating, in the kit you will receive the ultimate necessities in hair removal with the Sensilight PRO device, clinically-proven and for personal-use, giving you all-over, permanent hair reduction without the hassle of conventional systems. The cordless design gives you full freedom of movement, even enabling you to carry out treatments on the go. And, with up to 600 flashes between charges, you can keep going for longer, achieving remarkable results that last a lifetime.

We have also included SENSIX Trimmer which enables excellent detailing and precise trimming for sensitive & hard to reach areas, at home and on-the-go. Also suitable for shaving small areas prior to Sensilight treatments. Comes with an adjustable-length double-sided eyebrow comb. 

And not to forget the stunning Sensix Lumi Tweezers, with its perfectly aligned tips, powerful LED light and fine calibration, helping you get a grip on things, for when you need it the most. All these incredible items are beautifully homed in the perfect luxury travel bag for your everyday convenience.

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Kit Includes

1 Sensilight Pro Device

1 Sensix Trimmer To Go

1 Luxury Bag

1 Lumi Tweezers

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Real Time Feedback

In another Sensica breakthrough, you can now get real-time feedback about your treatment. Yes, real-time! That means you get feedback as you do the treatment, even when you’re doing it on your own at home, you’re not alone. We’re right there with you, guiding your hand, making sure you’re doing it right and ensuring you get the very best results.

Our world-first app will leave you in no doubt as to whether a treatment is working, right in the moment, without having to wait. You’ll find out how to perfect your technique, how long to carry on and even what settings to use, so you can optimize results with every movement during every treatment. 

Still not feeling 100% confident? That’s absolutely fine!
Just contact one of our aestheticians for personal advice and guidance.

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Real Expert Assistance

When we say ‘Real Bond’, we mean it.

We mean we want to get to know you. We want to be in touch. That’s why we’re the first company to offer a live, human, online support service.

Set up a meeting with one of our aestheticians and get personalized tips, advice and help on any beauty related matter. Remember the meeting is a video session, so personalized really means personalized – your skin, your challenges.

If you’ve just purchased a new Sensica device*, register your device and we’ll be happy to send you coupons for two free video sessions! 

*Coupons available only for Sensilift, Sensifirm or Sensilight PRO Devices.