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Radiant Eyes & Smile

Sensilift Mini

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Real Beauty

Genuine Beauty
Safe Smart temperature control
Visible results Just 5-minutes, once a week
Fast acting Results from the very first treatment
Professional InTrense™ technology, based on the most advanced radio frequency technology
STIMULATES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and renew skin elasticity

Real Bond


Time has a way of taking its toll on our skin and we at Sensica understand that the way we look can affect the way we feel about ourselves. The truth is that we don’t always love our laugh lines, and most of us prefer our skin to look just a little smoother, just a little younger, for just a little longer.
It’s ok to want to treat these issues, and we’re here to help. With Sensica it’s never too early or too late to start your beauty journey. By combining professional knowledge and innovative technology we have created a range of salon-quality devices that are effective, safe, convenient and affordable for you in treating wrinkles and fine lines while preventing future ones.


sensilift mini 15 - Sensilift Mini


Sensilift MINI is a non-invasive, medical-grade facial therapy device, which helps your eyes and lips look and feel rested even just after a single treatment. Light, compact and powerful, the Sensilift MINI not only helps to slow down the signs of aging, but to reveal a more radiant, toned, and happier you restoring the confidence in your natural beauty. While most treatments typically only address the surface of the skin, the Sensilift MINI acts on the deeper layers of your skin using its patented InTrense RF technology to promote collagen synthesis and deep tissue lifting. Feel confident and enjoy visible results with just one 5-minute treatment a week. For a long-lasting improvement, use consistently around your eyes and lips or face to tighten and firm your skin. Sensilift Mini restores your skin radiant glow while lifting your spirits, helping you to shine inside and out.


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Prevent & Reduce Wrinkles
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The Sensilift Mini, your own professional skin tightening device.

A safe, effective, and easy-to-use skin rejuvenating treatment system that delivers professional aesthetic results into the comfort of your home.
Here are just a few of the innovative features you will find in the Sensilift MINI:


  • lnTrense™ Technology: Powered by lnTrense” technology, Sensilift MINI uses clinically proven technology to generate a real change from within. Sensilift MINI focuses 2 low power beams deep into the dermal layers. lnTrense™ technology allows RF waves to penetrate multiple skin layers, increasing dermal collagen production for smoother, tighter, and visibly rejuvenated skin. Results are both immediate and long lasting.
  • Double safety mechanism: The Sensilift MINI system uses advanced built-in sensors to constantly monitor and auto-adjust to your skin’s temperature, for maximum safety and comfort, while the RF therapies of our clinically proven InTrenseTM technology stimulate circulation. The results speak for themselves – visibly reduced wrinkles for a younger-looking skin. 
  • Treatment Areas: Crow’s feet, Eleven, Jawline, forehead, smile folds, cheeks, décolletage, and hands.
    As we age, the quantity and quality of the collagen fibres in our skin is reduced, which can cause wrinkles. Using technology specially developed by our experts, the Sensilift MINI both enhances existing collagen and generates new collagen, to reduce the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.
    Unlike costly fillers, lasers and other invasive treatments, wrinkle reduction with Sensilift MINI is pain free, non-invasive and requires no recovery or downtime.
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“Sensilift Mini”

Real Results

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of users who completed 8 Sensilift MINI treatments experienced overall reduction in facial wrinkles, even after 5 months!

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Kit Includes

1 Device

1 Base Gel 60ml

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping & Returns

How to use your Sensilift Mini

Make sure the skin in the treatment area is dry, clean, and free of topical products such as moisturisers, liquids or lint. Remove all jewelry from the treatment area and hands. Shave any excessive facial hair.
Apply a thin, even layer of Base Gel over the treatment area.
Turn on the device and select the RF energy and speed level that is most comfortable for you.
Place the treatment fingers on the intended area, ensuring full contact with your skin during the entire treatment. Move the device around the area in a slow, circular motion.


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Average Rating
Aug 8 2021
This RF technology works for me. I had the previous version of this device which I loved using. This upgrade is easier to use. Following the guide charts I've seen online for each facial region helps focus on problem areas. I find the treatment very relaxing and do notice a smoothing of skin on the forehead and lower face especially
Jul 1 2021
The sensation of this Sensica Tightening tool is nice, warm on the skin, relaxing, gentle, and the gel that comes with the system is one of the best conduction gels I’ve ever experienced -it’s light, doesn’t disappear, but is easy to remove after
Angela B.
Oct 22 2020
It is so easy to use and fits into a daily routine. Just pick your area you want to treat, start at level one then work up to level 3 over time... highly recommend as saw improvement after a few uses.
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Our world-first app will leave you in no doubt as to whether a treatment is working, right in the moment, without having to wait. You’ll find out how to perfect your technique, how long to carry on and even what settings to use, so you can optimize results with every movement during every treatment. 

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