The Rise of Male Hair Removal

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Hair removal used to be a girls-only topic, unless you were an exotic male dancer, cyclist, or bodybuilder, but in this increasingly grooming-conscious world, many men feel insecure about having excessive hair in certain places- whether it’s during intimate situations or simply at the pool or the beach.
Don’t fret, there are solutions that will have you skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.
Here are 4 of the most popular methods for easy hair removal.

 1. The IPL Revolution

IPL is the number one option that most men are turning to these days as they want a permanent hair removal — or minimizing — solution. IPL is especially effective in reducing hair on the chest, stomach, back, shoulders, and genital area. There are several different kinds of technologies that use laser light energy to penetrate the hair shaft and kill the hair at the root. While it doesn’t destroy the hair follicle, re-growth is difficult, hence laser lasts a fairly long time.

 For those opting for DIY IPL solutions we strongly recommend sensiLight Mini — a superb line of non-invasive, professional-grade, home-use hair removal solutions that have the permanent results that more and more men are seeking. Besides the fact that the line is based on Sensica’s advanced, FDA-cleared Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) technology that disables hair re-growth at the root by using light and heat, it also saves one the time and money — and perhaps embarrassment — of the repeated visits to beauty clinics that permanent results require. Additionally, Sensilight Mini is the most progressive and painless hair removal device compared to other home-use hair removal solutions on the market.


2. Bees Knees in Waxing

Waxing is still a popular option, but is becoming less so with more men seeking permanent hair removal solutions.  Having said that, there has been some advancement in waxing in that most clinics have replaced sticky, honey-based waxes with creamy soy waxes that come as a lotion, are applied to the skin, stick to the hair only, and are removed with special strips of cloth. They especially appeal to men who are desperate to remove that dreaded unibrow — so we recommend it perhaps for shaping eyebrows and removing hair on the ears. However, waxing is a painful process so keep that in mind if you’re considering permanent hair removal in larger — as well as more sensitive or private — body parts.


3. Electrolysis – Taking it One Hair at a Time

The difference between laser and electrolysis lies in the time it takes to see results. The latter removes one hair at a time using a super-slim needle to enter each hair shaft and deliver a tiny shock of electricity to the hair follicle, killing the cells that make hair. It works, but time-wise, and with other faster and simpler options available to men, we suggest opting for this only for small areas such as the eyebrows. It can also be extremely painful in other areas.


4. Just Shave It?

Whilst many men still shave, especially before heading off in a mad dash to the office (even doing it in the car), the process has its cons — think tissue paper covering little cuts? Well if you intend to shave your back, shoulders and legs — and there are long, straight razors that allow you to get to these areas yourself — for the many men out there now seeking long-term permanent hair removal solutions, consider the fact that shaved skin shows regrowth within a few days — not to mention the risk of infections caused the by ingrown hairs. Is that worth the pain and trouble? We think move on and ahead with the times!

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