Sensica Sensilift Review: the beauty tool you need to know about

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For the past eight weeks, I have been reviewing the Sensica Sensilift beauty tool. This item was luckily gifted to me, but my review is an honest overview of my experience.

Used once a week for 5 minutes on key areas such as crows feet, jawline, hands, forehead, neck and décolletage the Sensilift uses DRF technology to penetrate multiple layers of skin providing not only a gentle massage but more importantly (and what you are paying for) it promises to stimulate collagen production which as we all know is key as collagen helps to not only reduce wrinkles but also firm and smooth the skin.

sensica sensilift review the beauty tool you need to know about 1 - Sensica Sensilift Review: the beauty tool you need to know about

So who are Sensica?

They are a team of professional medical aesthetics who have the knowledge and technology to give real beauty results. Sick of seeing billboards full of airbrushed and those photoshopped images of beauty that we are all so used to seeing they decided they didn’t want to be apart of that and wanted to promote real beauty. They now offer 5 different devices all for different needs including anti-aging, hair removal and cellulite reduction.

I’m in my early thirties and I am very aware that the production of collagen has already slowed down for me and I am a big believer in looking after your skin as much as you possibly can. With age, cell renewal decreases which means you may find as you get older your skin is less plump and glowy.

Okay so I’m only 33 so I don’t have a lot of wrinkles but I have definitely noticed the past couple of years those fine lines around my eyes and my mouth so as soon as I received this product I knew already which areas I wanted to try.

The Sensilift is a clinically proven solution for mild to moderate wrinkles with 95% of users reporting an improvement in their skin appearance, texture and wrinkle reduction following the use of the device.

I added this treatment into my Sunday night skincare regime, every week for 8 weeks. Taking only five minutes on those fine lines around my eyes I did not know what to expect at all. Would I see a difference at all?

Pain free and quiet this anti-ageing device promises to boost collagen production within your first few sessions. I certainly was not disappointed, I found a difference within my skin after just one session! My skin felt plump and firm almost immediately.

Making sure my skin was clean and dry I applied a thin layer of the base gel around my eye area and moved the device in slow circular movements. You will feel a warming sensation, which is completely pain free.

You are also able to control the built-in sensors to adjust the temperature if you wanted too, I personally loved the sensation and found it super relaxing!

I was so impressed with the Sensilift but I really wanted to put it to the test on my Mum, who is in her late sixties. She was dubious to say the least!

We decided to try it out on her hands and although she has great soft skin her hands are as expected, ageing.

After four weeks we both commented on how much of a difference we could see, I also took some pictures to document the process.

sensica sensilift review the beauty tool you need to know about - Sensica Sensilift Review: the beauty tool you need to know about

And of course, it can not turn back time or work miracles but we were both super impressed with the results! And We will continue to use this as part of her skincare regime.

If you’re someone who is looking for real results I would highly recommend investing in the Sensilift, which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and includes not only the device but also the Base Gel which bought alone is £24.99.

I am and always have been a self-confessed skincare junkie and will always be on the lookout for high quality skincare with real results and the Sensilift is exactly that.

Highly recommended for giving you a plumped youthful glow.

sensica sensilift review the beauty tool you need to know about 4 - Sensica Sensilift Review: the beauty tool you need to know about


Beauty Editor at The Daily Struggle. Beauty and makeup loving Liverpool girl with a tendency to over share and over spend. Dawn writes everything from skincare reviews to the latest makeup looks.

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