How to Treat Dry Elbows – with Sensimatch

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Cracked and dry skin around the elbows is a common, sometimes painful problem. If the cracks expose sensitive flesh, it can even become infected. So, it’s important to treat the problem asap to stop it from worsening and becoming tougher to treat.

Common Causes

Several factors can lead to dry and cracked elbows. For some people, it’s just a natural occurrence caused by genetics, a dry skin complexion or aging skin. For others, it’s lifestyle-related, perhaps because of obesity, or not drinking enough water.

Then there are also a number of medical conditions that result in dry and cracked elbows; conditions like:

Dermatitis – a skin condition usually triggered by an allergy to chemicals or fabrics that touch your elbows, or a sensitivity to gluten (dermatitis herpetiformis). Avoid these triggers and the dermatitis should go away.

Psoriasis – mostly appearing on the elbows and knees, this condition appears as scaly white bumps that develop over a red patch of skin. A common treatment is a phototherapy that treats dry elbows with light. Moisturizers can help relieve symptoms, and oral medicine may reduce itching.

Scleroderma – this chronic hereditary disease often attacks the tips of the elbows, causing skin to swell and become dry and painful to the touch. Immunosuppressive drugs may reduce the symptoms, which are often more pronounced in cold weather.

Diabetes – skin conditions on the elbows, such as painful infections, boils and skin that gets red and hot, may be an indication of the onset of diabetes. A skin biopsy will reveal the cause of the condition and the most fitting treatment.


Sensimatch by Sensica

If you’ve consulted your doctor and ruled out the above medical issues and are simply tired of going through bottles of creams without getting any results, then Sensimatch may be your solution. This is one of a range of multi-use body care treatment devices developed by Sensica for use in the comfort of your own home. Using unique Adapt2U™ technology that adjusts to your body’s curves, Sensimatch evenly removes dead skin to reveal professional results and silky smooth, beautiful skin.

IMG 0801 200x300 - How to Treat Dry Elbows – with SensimatchAll Sensica devices are simple to use and equipped with a smart safety mechanism. Sensimatch comes with a set of flexible snap-on pads that provide different grades of peeling as they glide over the shape of the treated area. The gentle peeling pad Adapt2U™ Peel is ideal for delicate and safe exfoliation of dry skin cells from almost every area of your body, including elbows; while the Adapt2U™ Motion provides the ultimate pampering massage while stimulating blood flow and tightening your skin. There are also two pads for hair removal, and more. Each Sensica product is clinically approved and provides powerful, long-lasting results, so you can wave goodbye to dry and cracked elbows, for good!  so you won’t have to worry about dry and cracked elbows anymore.

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