How to Choose Make-Up That Flatters You

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There’s nothing worse than seeing someone with a lovely skin slathered in makeup that’s a shade too dark leaving a mismatched line where jawbone meets neck. Knowing what makeup flatters you and correctly enhances your assets is key and the kick-off is knowing your skin tone and undertone.

Fair Skin Tones
If you’re nicknamed Snow White for your porcelain doll-like skin tone, sometimes even the lightest colors give you an unnatural finish making you look like you’ve visited a tanning parlor and forgotten to do your neck — not always a good look. For blush and lipstick go for soft pink, coral and peach colors to enhance your natural beauty instead of trying to cover it up, or worse, look clown-like. As for eye-shadow, too dark colors and you’ll look bruised, too pink and you’ll look sick — aim for jewel-tones or metallic shades.

Medium Skin Tones
If you’re not quite light or olive either, you’re among the lucky medium skin-toned individuals. You have just enough warmth to give off a natural glow and bronzers or highlighters in golden-brown, bronze and honey shades will enhance your complexion. For eyes, go for lavender or rich blue shadows. Remember, a blush that’s too light can wash you out, while one that’s too dark will look unnatural and harsh. If you have cool undertones, choose a rosy pink blush to bring a flush of color to your cheeks. If you have warm undertones, a soft peach or apricot blush will enhance your natural glow. For daytime go for an illuminating bronze or honey eye shadow or build it up for a golden smoky, smoldering look for evening. For fun shades, cool undertones look lovely in lavender or gray, while warmer undertones pop in copper and rich blues. Just about any lipstick from light pink to deep berry work great.

Olive Skin Tones
Your glowing complexion always looks radiant and healthy and when you have some sun exposure (with SPF!) you turn a gorgeous shade of gold. Before heading out the door just heighten your natural tone with rosy pink or a warm, peach blush and a hint of shimmer on your cheekbones. The right type of bronzer can also warm up your complexion. You have quite a bit of shadow versatility too — play it safe with golden browns or throw caution to the wind with jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or rich plum.

Dark Skin Tones
With darker skin tones, faces are typically lighter than the body, so when testing makeup colors, make sure the shade matches your body as a whole. To ensure a perfect match, test two to three shades alongside each other, then decide which looks most natural. With a rich dark skin tone you can also pull off just about any vivid color. For those with cool complexions, purple, glossy pink and reds with blue undertones work well for lips; for those with warmer undertones you’ll look stunning in peach, orangey-red and even chocolate browns shades. For eye shadows go wild with jewel-toned purple, bright blue, emerald green, or a deep burgundy. You can also try bright orange, cranberry-colored, or deep mauve blush and even a shimmery, subtle bronzer will heighten the effect.

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