Holiday Season is Here! The Perfect Gifts for Him & Her

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The holiday season is nearly here and you either love picking out gifts or pull your hair out on an annual basis. Here are some great gift ideas for the special people in your life.

Techy Gifts
Everyone’s into hi-tech these days and a bit of digging around on the net will lead you to the latest must-have gizmos and gadgets — whether it’s a cute new handheld cover with a magnet so you can attach it comfortably to your dashboard and enjoy hands-free driving without ending up with a fine in time for Xmas; an on-the-go charger so you don’t experience that horrifying moment in the day when your phone battery reaches zero and you cannot have endless whatsapp conversations with your friends or family; or the latest IoT (the Internet of Things) device — like a fitness tracker or other smart home device (budget depending) such as a smart door lock or blue tooth tracker for your keys or wallet — a nifty gift for someone who always misplaces theirs!

Fine Taste
While you may be a bit suspect about buying garments for others, especially if you’re not sure of their exact measurements, there is nothing more divine in winter than receiving a fluffy robe perhaps with matching slippers. These are great in neutral colors so suit men and women alike. Other options that apply to both sexes are matching gloves and scarves — just make sure they’re high-quality ones and if you’re not exactly sure if your gift recipient would like Santa sleighs and reindeer draped around his/her neck, opt for neutral tones like cream, beige or black that match all outfits and occasions. If you do happen to know someone’s taste, you can buy more tailored accessories like a cool belt, or gorgeous jewelry — neither of which have to be very pricey. If they have a sense of humor, look for a T-Shirt with a funny slogan; or if they have a favorite alcohol or liqueur brand, treat them to a bottle of the best. Do avoid giving poor Uncle Joe and your dad a tie, as you do every year, unless it has the words Armani clearly printed across them!

Beauty … & the Beast
Besides chocolates, everyone at some time or other has received a gift of makeup or beauty products —you know the 20 odd bottles of hand, body, or face creams for men and women that line your bathroom shelves all with a smell you can’t tolerate or from some cheepo brand that you’d never dare apply to your skin? Well, that’s the problem with giving people beauty products — by a certain age most of us already use the products we love and that work for us. Yes, for kids any pink lip-gloss, nail polish or hand cream will bring squeals of delight, at a later age, not so much.

Why not combine the techy gift with a beauty one? We’re talking about Sensica’s range of cutting-edge FDA-cleared beauty devices all designed for at-home use. The range includes the FDA-cleared Sensilight Mini — a hair removal device that uses proven Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) technology that disables hair re-growth at the root using light and heat. It’s is a professional-grade, non-invasive, permanent, and painless hair removal process. Another great idea is Sensica’s Sensilift — an extremely safe, non-invasive, home-use facelift device that uses a unique system of Dynamic RF anti-aging technology to reduces wrinkles, improve the skin’s appearance and texture, and provide a feeling of firmness, basically tightening it all up! Both devices suit men and women and you’ll be loved for eternity for giving the most useful gift that saves that special person time and money and makes them look and feel great all season.

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