Embrace Autumn with the Right Skincare, Makeup & Fashion

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The days are growing shorter, the temperature is dropping, and the air is becoming dryer, yip, autumn has arrived.  Here are some great tips to care for your skin’s unique autumn needs, plus the hottest makeup and fashion trends to hit the runaway so that you step out ready to embrace this season of individuality.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Autumn is a time of transition and your best skin care routines will hopefully redress any environmental damage that has occurred during summer and prepare your skin for winter. In other words, after the exposure your skin has had to the sun, chlorine, or saltwater, this is the perfect time to exfoliate. Also, as the air becomes drier so your skin loses precious moisture, hence moisturizing is essential. Ditch fragrant soapy scrubs that feel great after the beach but actually dry your skin and opt for a creamier, soap-free, hydrating cleanser and velvety body wash. Next, pick gentle, pH-balanced, oil-based scrubs as they both exfoliate, hydrate, and support the skin’s natural functions without causing irritation. Use slightly acidic, hydrating toners as they will complete the cleansing process and balance your skin’s pH. Don’t forget to start moisturizing your hands and lips in time for winter. Although granted there is less sun radiation, we still recommend using a sunscreen. Bottom line, prep your skin for harsher climates ahead.


Pushing the Boundaries

The world’s leading fall fashion shows certainly had some standout trends as far as makeup goes. For the lips, the latest is definitely deep, dark, dramatic hues. Dior and Louis Vuitton models strutted the catwalk with lacquered black-cherry pouts. Back liner however you wish to apply it is also a big hit. So, if you dare to be bold, toss summer’s blushing pink gloss and grab your black eyeliner and the darkest blackcurrant lipstick you can lay your hands. Another trend seems to be hyper-real skin radiance an effect created by using iridescent powder on the cheekbones, eyelids and Cupid’s bow. Brace yourself for this one: night-out makeup is glitter! Sparkle was everywhere at the shows it was on the outer corners of the model’s eyes, the inner corners of the eyes, across the cheekbones, and even on the brow bone. Get ready to glitter this season!


Step Out in Style

The main autumn/winter 2016-2017 fashion trend is a renewed celebration of individuality. Reports from the moguls at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle show some truly bold fashion statements. Velvet is back along with bell-sleeves, corsets, pinstripe suits, as well as 80s-inspired one-shoulder dresses and tops with heaps of ruffles. Other points of interest, shall we say, are puffers paired with evening wear; tinsel (from sparkly coats to dresses and skirts), which will certainly match the glittery makeup; heaps of fur (faux fur please if you go for this look); ultra-long sleeves (not for doing the dishes with); and of all the trending accessories, we’ll have to say that bags with embellished guitar straps, over-the-top gloves, and David Bowie boots take the cake. This seems like the season to be merry, if in a somewhat extravagant way!


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