Can A Facelift Surgery Free You from Facial Wrinkles?

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How a person can get rid of their facial wrinkles is a very common question. Many children grew up having stories told or read to them by mothers or grandparents. Many of these stories had some kind of moral in them. Something that made so many stories fascinating was the colorful and even charismatic characters contained within them.

Think back to your childhood stories. Do you remember how the ladies looked? A central heroine was often charming, elegant, fair, and even beautiful. On the other hand, a villainous or evil which might be crooked, ugly, and wrinkled. This has a lot to do with why women get so nervous about wrinkles in their face. It’s often said that wrinkles are a symptom of aging, and to be honest, it’s often true.

Human skin gets held in place with accurate arrangements of the underlying blood vessels, muscles, connective tissues, and fibrous tissues. When healthy, human skin can lie in a stretched state perfectly. Wrinkles won’t be seen most of the time, with scalp exceptions in a time of stress. However, as someone ages, their muscles get lax and even weak, and connective and fibrous tissues start losing their consistency. Furrows and ridging start showing up. Those are known as wrinkles. The regrettable thing about this is that facial wrinkles are visible and obvious to others. Wrinkles anywhere else on your body can be hidden, but not here!

Previous generations of humans started seeing wrinkles in their forties or fifties. Modern humans have lifestyles at a brutal pace though, expecting everything to happen at the speed of light. So, they put their body through extreme stress. It can’t cope, so wrinkling now happens to some in their thirties! Unfortunately for wrinkles, humanity is perhaps the most obstinate member of the animal kingdom. Rather than learning how to live healthy lifestyles, people started finding methods to cope with wrinkles. As such, a war was declared on wrinkles, with an entire industry popping up focused on keeping skin clear, smooth, and vibrant, even into the later years of a person’s life. Society is so youth-oriented and even obsessed, so there are many products and services aimed at skin care. Just check your health and beauty section of your favorite store. How much of that is actually medicinal and medically necessary? How much is just to keep people feeling good about how they look as they attempt to roll back the clock a decade or more?

The struggle finally ended when someone came up with the procedure now known as a facelift. It’s a surgical procedure where the excess skin in the facial area that creates wrinkles is deliberately manipulated along any underlying structures, so the skin is redressed in a way considered more attractive in appearance. The procedure is similar to things like plastic surgery, and the same skill set is required.

A simple analogy or metaphor might be trying to cover a book up with a cover. No cover usually fits exactly as it comes. You initially put the book inside the cover, and a small cut is then done along the cover borders so it fits inside the book margins, as these borders are folded in. It’s not until the folding and flexing happen that a book cover actually fits like a snug skin. Everything is straight and neat, and any excess material is either cut off or hidden. Glue tops off the finishing touches, and the book looks better than ever. If a book can have this, why can’t your face?

In modern times, it’s practically a fashion statement to go for a facelift surgery. Practically every leading actress in tinsel town has had their face done, and quite a few men are getting it done too, which makes sense considering how far a great face can take you in Hollywood.

Such surgeries appeal to many, but not so many can afford them. It is possible to get rid of facial wrinkles, but it’s going to blow a hole in a person’s wallet.

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Side effects are something else to consider regarding facelifts. The human face is one of the most sensitive spots on the body, and if visible scarring gets left, that proven mentally traumatic, possibly for the rest of a person’s life. Given this, anyone considering a facelift needs to consider a number of opinions from more than one doctor prior to actually getting facelift surgery done.

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