5 facial exercises to help your skin neck not fall out!

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Neck wrinkles appear between 40- and 45-years age, the causes are related to age and the loss of collagen and elastin. Sensilift is the solution proposed by Sensica to improve the appearance of wrinkles also on the neck area, it’s easy, painless and non-invasive and the results will surprise you. Plus, we have brought to you a few easy exercises that you can do at any time of the day, as with Sensilift treatment also these exercises takes only 5 minutes!! 


Forehead push 

  • Place one hand on your forehead. 
  • Push your head against your hand without allowing your head to move forward. 
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds. 


Neck push 

  • Place both hands behind your head 
  • Push backwards with your neck, hold your hands without allowing your head backward. 
  • Hold for 10 seconds. 


Strengthen your shoulders 

  • Stretch your hands back as much as possible. 
  • Hold for 10 seconds. 



  • Sit with your back straight. 
  • Lift your head back so your chin points toward the ceiling. 
  • Keep your lips closed and make a chewing motion with your mouth. 
  • Repeat 20 times. 



  • Sit with your back straight. 
  • Lift your head so your chin points to the ceiling with your lips closed. 
  • Put your lips as if you were giving a kiss. 
  • Repeat 20 times. 

neck2 - 5 facial exercises to help your skin neck not fall out!

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