3 Reasons to Remove Hair During Winter

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 If you think winter is a great time to rest on your laurels as far as hair removal is concerned and to let Mother Nature take over and do het thing, then you might want to rethink. Here are some very good reasons why it might not be such a good idea.

1. Save Yourself the Embarrassment

If you continue to do certain sports throughout the year, you don’t want to be caught wearing your yoga or pilates gear in an overheated studio where you need to remove your jacket or long socks and display your happily sprouting underarms or calves. You also don’t want your personal trainer suddenly cancelling all further appointments with no given explanation!

2. Don’t Slack Off on Your Wax 

Don’t let the lack of sunshine and bathing suits make you put your regular wax regime on the backburner. The benefits of waxing on a consistent basis throughout the year far outweigh the summer-time-only approach. Firstly, body hairs grow at different rates and by maintaining a regular waxing routine, the hairs are conditioned to a. grow at the same time maximizing the time needed between treatments and b. the more frequently you wax, the less painful it becomes as the hair roots are weakened with each wax and c. with consistent waxing, your body produces less hair until hair stops growing altogether. Also, during winter, your skin recovers quicker from a treatment  hence less sensitivity or redness  as it has a break from external elements, such as sun exposure and chemicals like chlorine.

 3. Get “Lasered” and Summer Ready

Most of us want a flawless beach body and you’ll be surprised how many people start laser treatments in winter to rid their body of unwanted hair and gain a beautiful complexion. In fact, winter is probably the best time to try laser treatments — or continue with them.

If you are using a home DIY hair removal device like Sensica’s Sensilight — a range of professional, non-invasive, painless, and easy-to-use hair removal solutions that use patented RPL technology (Reactive Pulsed Light), which has been clinically proven to cause a remarkable reduction in hair growth — then continue to use it on a regular basis throughout winter.

One is always advised to do laser treatments in winter as you cannot even receive them at salons if you are sunburned or tanned. The reason being that sun damaged skin is typically resistant to laser hair removal. After a laser treatment you are also advised to avoid hot showers for a few days and keep the skin covered up from the harsh rays of the sun as they can ruin the treatment process (the same rules apply to skin rejuvenation treatments as well as laser and chemical peels). This is awful news in summer when all you want to do is jump into the nearest pool or soak up the rays at the beach.


The benefits of year round hair removal apply to all over the body. So, keep this in mind before canceling your next treatment or shelving your DIY laser hair removal device for the winter!


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