“My feet feel so smooth!”

Kiera D. Cardiff, UK | Age: 29 | Used product for 2 months
“I have felt conscious about the look of my feet for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried different home solutions, but nothing ever lasted until I tried Sensica’s pedicure. My dry skin and calluses were gone after only few minutes. Now my skin is radiant and my feet feel so smooth!”

“Strong and relaxing”

Alice H. Plymouth, UK | Age: 42 | Used product for 5 months
“I have very dry skin and have tried using different creams and products. I saw the Sensimatch with the peeling treatment and thought it was worth the try – and I am so glad I tried it! Thanks to the peeling treatment and Sensica’s cream, my skin condition improved dramatically. I have the massage pad too and was surprised how strong and relaxing it is.”

“I love my new feet!”

Rachel P. London, UK | Age: 36 | Used product for 4 months
“I have been using my device for around four months and I am very satisfied with the results. Every summer, my feet get dry and cracked. I have tried different options, but a few days after treatment, my feet always got dry and cracked again. I have been using the Sensica pedicure pad and it takes me only a few minutes of my time to get amazing results. I use Sensica’s feet cream every day and love my new feet!”

“I couldn’t believe how much dry skin I had!”

Alisha R. Doncaster, UK | Age: 48 | Used product for 4 months
“With three kids and a career, I feel like I never have time to take care of myself, so when I saw this device with the multi-platform treatments, I thought it was worth the try – and I was right! I started with the pedicure pad. In the first treatment, I couldn’t believe how much dry skin I had! The peeling pad was so easy to use that it immediately felt like I had been using it for years.”

“Fabulous product!”

Ellie H. Reading, UK | Age: 25 | Used product for 2 months
“I bought the hair removal pad to replace my razor. When I need a fast and clean fix for my legs, I just use it and I am ready to go! It helped me with my ingrown hair too, which is a great advantage. I also tried the massage pad and was surprised what a great treatment it gives. I even use it around my thighs and arms. A fabulous product!”

“Dramatic reduction in hair growth”

Lara T. London, UK | Age: 26 | Used product for 4 months
“I have tried different hair-removal systems for home use but have never been satisfied. My friend convinced me to try Sensilight, and I have to admit I was very surprised! I really like the size and design of the product: It’s easy to store and even fits inside my handbag. I know that IPL devices are not always for dark skin, and my skin is pretty tanned and dark. This product has a built-in skin tone sensor, so I never need to worry that my skin is too dark. I’ve done five treatments so far and have noticed a dramatic reduction in hair growth. I can’t wait to see the final result.”

“Quick and easy to use”

Hannah Q. Manchester, UK | Age: 30 | Used product for 3 months
“I have struggled with hair removal for most of my adult life. After trying hair-removal creams, shaving, and even waxing, I decided to try a more permanent alternative. My work consumes most of my time, so clinical treatments weren’t an option. I saw Sensica’s home device and decided to try the Sensilight. I have been using it on my legs, bikini line, and underarms. The treatment is quick and easy to use. At the beginning, I was very skeptical, but after a few treatments the hair has stopped re-growing.”

“I love it!”

Paige S. Berkshire, UK | Age: 46 | Used product for 4 months
“I have been using this device for a few months and I love it! I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have hairy, irritated skin. I use the highest level and find it painless and easy to use. I really like the design – it is small and very beautiful. Best of all, I don’t need to replace the cartridge or any other parts – I just turn it on! My daughters use my device all the time and have already added the Sensilight to their Christmas lists!”

“Great product”

Aimee M. Colchester, UK | Age: 28 | Used product for 4 months
“I love Sensica’s IPL device! I have been using it for four months and the results are amazing! I had ingrown hair problems, but after a few treatments, I forgot all about them. I feel safe using the Sensilight and the instructions were very clear. Great product – I would highly recommend it.”

“Friends ask what my secret is!”

Scarlett M. Leicester, UK | Age: 45 | Used product for 4 months
“Finally a treatment that works! I’ve tried a lot of creams and different devices and have been waiting for this kind of product! It is small, user-friendly, and simple to use. I have had the device for four months and have already noticed an incredible improvement in my wrinkles. Friends have commented on my skin and asked what my secret is!”

“Easy to use and very safe”

Emily R. Wells, Somerset, UK | Age: 51 | Used product for 6 months
“I have been using Sensica’s anti-aging device for about six months and noticed from the very first use a fresher, tighter look. I love the design! The device is easy to use, small, lightweight, and very safe.”

“I can feel and see the difference”

Maya M. The Midlands, UK | Age: 48 | Used product for 2 months
“I bought my device a couple of months ago and I can feel and see the difference. My skin feels plumper, more even-toned, and tighter. My lines are much softer and less noticeable and the age spots have faded. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost a fortune like clinical treatments.”

“It works!”

Danielle H. Liverpool, UK | Age: 39 | Used product for 2 months
“I love Sensilift! It’s easy to use, light, and – most importantly – it works! My work involves constant traveling and it goes with me everywhere.”

“I felt the difference after a few treatments”

Keira J. Sheffield, UK | Age: 40 | Used product for 4 months
“The Sensilift arrived in a beautiful package. The first time you use it, it feels warm, but you get used to it quickly. I felt the difference after a few treatments. My skin felt smoother and had a healthy glow and the lines were already diminishing. If only I’d bought it months ago…”

“Great value for money!”

Amelia O. Bristol, UK | Age: 57 | Used product for 3 months
“I absolutely love the Sensica anti-aging device. It’s easy to use and makes my skin feel smooth. It’s been only a few treatments and I am already noticing fine lines disappearing. I love my skin tone and texture. Great value for money!”