For many people, callused and dry feet are a common problem. They dream of having smooth feet – without the cost and time commitment that many solutions require.

Pumice stones are an inexpensive way to remove dead skin from the feet, but they can be messy and are less effective on calluses, which are areas of skin that have become tough or thick due to repeated friction or pressure. A more aggressive device, a callus shaver, does a better job but can be unsafe if used improperly, as the razor in the device can cut too deep, leading to bleeding or even infection. Topical callus removers, most of which rely on salicylic acid for effectiveness, can soften the skin but can also cause burns if not used properly, and should never be used on cracked skin. Recent electric devices have shown greater success than traditional methods in removing dry skin, but even these have their drawbacks, as most of them aren’t comfortable for the smaller areas of the feet.


Now, with the special Adapt2U technology in the Sensica Sensimatch, you can get a professional-grade pedicure right at home. With Sensimatch, you can hug and reach every part of your feet, from your ankle to your toes, and even the hard-to-reach areas. The Adapt2U pads are flexible, strong, and adaptable, so that as you move Sensimatch over your skin, it makes constant adjustments to follow your body’s unique contours, resulting in a superior pedicure. The device also helps treat in-grown hairs and provides a relaxing massage as you rid your feet of dead skin.

The Sensica Sensimatch has several additional options that make it a multipurpose device for all your at-home beauty needs. Start with the Sensimatch Feet for salon-quality pedicures and Sensimatch Peel for exfoliating other parts of your body, such as rough elbows. For tighter skin, use Sensimatch Motion to stimulate blood flow, while Sensimatch Clear removes unwanted hair. With all four Sensimatch pads, you’re on your way to beautiful, radiant skin.

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