Dreaming of a Smooth Body? Go Brazilian!

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You’ve heard about it, or maybe do it, but the Brazilian probably only comes up in private conversations with your BFF or more intimate chats with your partner. However, whether it’s a Full Brazilian (all hair removed from all areas), a Brazilian with Stripe (all hair removed but leaving a stripe of hair), or a Brazilian with Triangle (all hair removed but leaving a triangle of hair), the trend is growing in popularity and there’s no doubt about it, not much beats stepping out of the shower every day with a totally silky smooth body — everywhere!

Brazilian Hair Removal: Laser Vs Waxing or Shaving
With Brazilian LHR, you can experience clean, smooth skin in your pubic area with marginal effort — and especially without accidentally nicking yourself whilst trying to shave the most sensitive (and hard to reach) areas of your body. Also, rather than shaving or waxing, LRH results are permanent — that means after the required number of treatments, you can bid farewell to irritating and scratchy stubble, 5 o’clock shadows, or ingrown hairs.

While LHR has a stinging sensation, like a rubber band snapped against the skin, it still hurts less than waxing and if you think about a long-term hairless future, it’s worth it. Also, LHR is more cost-effective and less time consuming in the long-run. Why? Because no matter what you’re told, waxing and shaving do not have permanent results, so you’ll be visiting expensive clinics often or buying DIY waxing kits ad infinitum in your attempts to get that clean, smooth, sexy feeling that attracted you to going for a Brazilian look in the first place.

Moreover, if you’re waxing (a messy procedure) you have to wait for hair to regrow until you can wax again — that means you’re back to the stubble, itch, and even rashes. Also, if you wax or shave, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of the ingrown hairs they cause. Medically, LHR is the only treatment that can permanently solve this problem. Every growing hair has an oil gland attached to it which releases sebum (oil) to lubricate the hair as it pushes through the skin. When a hair is trapped underneath the skin, it keeps growing and the sebum continues to be released. This causes the ingrown hair to get larger and, sometimes, infected. Using light and even heat (as does the Reactive Pulsed Light — RPL — technology used by the FDA-cleared Sensilight Mini for home use), LHR disables hair re-growth at the root, thereby stopping sebum production and treating the area. Following your treatment, the hair will stop growing, break up, and dissolve in the blood stream, curing ingrown hairs.

Why the Full Monty?
The reason more and more people are choosing to remove all their hair is multifold. Not only can you throw on a bikini without distressing about the last time you shaved or waxed, but you can choose any lingerie style. The latest biking bottoms and underwear are increasingly narrow in front, exposing more of our netherlands than ever before. With a full and permanent Brazilian you can wear the latest fashions with confidence and stop planning your life around your hair removal routine.

Who Gets a Brazilian?
Once upon a time there was some stigma attached to removing all hair from one’s pubic region, however that’s long gone. Aesthetics are a major reason for choosing the Brazilian style, but it is also gives many the feeling of optimal personal hygiene. People of all ages, lifestyles, professions, and marital statuses seek Brazilian LHR for the smooth, beautiful results they provide. Men are also choosing to remove their pubic hair with LHR, because of its effectiveness, permanent results, and because the Brazilian is an increasingly popular grooming technique amongst men.

While clearly opting for LHR to achieve the Brazilian is recommend, make sure you have it done by reputed physicians and their staff and not at spas or salons with poor hygiene practices where you may pick up infections or even be burned by inexperienced personnel!

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