2018 Swimsuit Trends and How to Prep Your Body

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Once upon a time, an article about swimsuit trends would have described the latest and greatest designs, flaunted by uber-skinny models strutting the catwalks at the world’s premier fashion events. Thankfully, today people are taking a more realistic approach to swimwear. Whatever shape or size you are, what’s important is to make sure that your body is prepped for summer, so you look your best in any style.

The Model Trend VS Reality Check

As summer approaches, we’ll soon be inundated with special swimsuit editions by Victoria’s Secret et al, predicting what will be hotter than hot at the beach this year. But in contrast, there will be countless outspoken bloggers and vloggers using mass media to promote body confidence. The impact of these social media gurus is so great, that designers are actually sitting up and starting to take into consideration all body shapes and sizes. Words like ‘plus size’ are dropping out of everyday use. After all, who’s to say what a ‘normal’ size range is? And who decides where ‘attractive’ or ‘acceptable’ fit on such an imaginary scale? The focus today is on how to best dress your body shape and type – and rightly so. That thong and a barely-there bikini top may look terrific on a cover girl (photoshopped or not, you be the judge), but it doesn’t mean that it’s a trend you have to follow!

The Biggest Trends for All

Once you’ve gotten over your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) after reviewing the latest swimsuit trends all over the web, it’s time to get real and head to your favorite swimsuit store. Look for sporty pieces that stay firmly in place while you sunbathe or swim – a practical choice if you intend to venture off your towel at some point instead of lounging in the sun fixed in one position lest your itsy-bitsy bikini reveal even more than you intended! The sporty, functional look is also great for all shapes and sizes – a welcome alternative to the traditional large, floral, and honestly not-so-cute swim suit that larger girls have traditionally been stuck with.


Belted suits, cinched at the waist to give an hourglass figure, are also on-trend – and a much better solution than starving yourself or spending hours at the gym just to fit into an ab-exposing bikini. You can achieve this look yourself by accessorizing your existing swimsuit with a belt. Another great look is a suit with ruffled shoulders – we’re not talking about last year’s off-the-shoulder look, but girlish frills along the shoulder straps, in romantic and soft tones.


Getting Beach Ready

Now that you’ve found your ideal swimsuit, remember that the real secret to looking great in summer is having super-smooth and silky-looking skin. It’s no coincidence that summer is the busiest season for beauty salons and clinics, as women and men expose the body parts that have stayed covered up all winter.


MG 0143 mini 100 - 2018 Swimsuit Trends and How to Prep Your BodyIf you’d rather take care of yourself, a quick shave before heading down to the beach may not be your best option – you could miss bits, or even nick yourself, making a dip in the sea a painful matter.  Understanding how frustrating it can be trying to control nature, Sensica’s leading medical esthetics experts have developed a way to make hair removal as easy, painless, cost-effective and convenient as possible. We believe that women should be able to enjoy the same remarkable results achieved by clinics, in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why we’ve created Sensilight™, for efficient, professional-grade, non-invasive, laser hair removal that disables hair re-growth at the root. This innovative handheld device uses light and heat to achieve permanent results. Because you can use it as and when you want, you’re spared the stress of finding a last-minute appointment at an expensive beauty clinic, and any number of follow-up appointments.


This summer it’s time to accept your body shape, find a swimsuit that makes you feel great and take your beauty into your own hands!